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    Gracenote music ID limit

    I have Roxio Creator NXT and reinstalled it after buying Roxio Creator NXT 6 for this very reason, the original NXT works fine. I am trying to get a refund on 6. So far they are dragging their heals. I will not be suggesting any of their programs and will probably never buy one of their programs again. This is one feature that I want and they can not blame it on grace notes since it still works in Roxio Creator NXT
  2. Craig 7769

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    I've heard from tech support their suggestion uninstall, reinstall and delete temp files. I'll try that then try again. Hope it works. but not holding out much hope.
  3. Craig 7769

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    Dave I'm recording to both wav and mps
  4. Craig 7769

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    Brendon I looked at your link I used NX2 for a long time and never had a problem with it. Upgraded to NX4 and now I have that problem Doesn't sound like their tech support is worth much. They will not talk to you on the phone (e-mail) only
  5. Craig 7769

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    Didn't have much time this morning to reply. I use music ID to help ID the songs but the problem doesn't occur until after all of the songs have all been ID'ed. It happens when I save the songs to HD On 1 out of maybe 10 - 20 albums one of the songs will not save. It may be the first song the 3rd, or any one of the other songs. I didn't realize it was happening till about 2 weeks ago. I tried rerecording that song and it still would not save. I noticed it on the album I was working on at the time and then went back and checked other albums. Tried sending a message to Roxio's tech support and HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING from them. If this is typical of their tech support I probably won't purchase another one of their products.
  6. Craig 7769

    Digitize Lps Doesn't Save All Songs

    Do you have track detection enabled so that it automatically attempts to split out each track? (I'm assuming that's the case.) No I don't use track detection, Didn't care for it. Not being shy about doing my own track splitting, I always record the entire side of an album at one time, then I manually split out the tracks. I also then name the files manually, but that's just my preference. I do the same as you except I use Music ID to get some of the songs labeled then finish the rest. The song just disappears.
  7. I recently noticed that Digitize Lps doesn't save a song on about 1 out of 20 LPs I tried to re-digitize the song and it still wouldn't save. Also when I switched from Creator NXT 2 to Creator NXT 4 Music ID only tries to ID the first 2 songs. When I was using Creator NXT 2 it would try to ID all of the songs and some times get all of them right!
  8. Creator NXT 4 Digitize LPs does not save all songs When I save an LP maybe 1 out of 20 doesn't save 1 of the songs I tried rerecording the song and it still wouldn't save