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    Software Migration?

    As a footnote, Brendan's suggestion of using the "upgrade" option on the Windows DVD worked! Thanks again.
  2. cyranose

    Software Migration?

    Thanks for both replies. Jim Hardin, I was hoping I could save the programs on the computer with problems (Win 7 HP), reinstall the O/S, and then restore the programs, NOT port over the s/w from the older XP Pro laptop. Brendan, Is the Back on Track version in NXT4 any better, just for future reference? I DO have a backup, it's just a month or so old and I made some program changes since then. Would rather not take the laborious process of finding out what I've changed since then and reinstalling it all, and am not sure how to backup and restore my email since then. I popped an Open SuSe Linux CD in and IT had no trouble accessing the Internet, so I know the problem's Windoze, not hardware. I DO have the main competitor's software, and that's my backup. Last time I tried restoring a backup it didn't remove the pc files before copying the backup mixed in with them. Bummer. I guess I need to format the partition first before a restore? Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I will examine (as best I can -- it is WAY slow now -- the desktop to determine what programs I installed after the backup, try to find out from the manufacturer how to save email & other settings, then try the upgrade in place windoze suggestion. If that doesn't work, I will reformat the HD and try unpacking the backup there using my rescue cd. Unless you have further advice on this issue. Thanks, Cyranose
  3. cyranose

    Software Migration?

    Hi. I recently started having problems with my system, probably the result of a registry cleaner, and unfortunately I last backed up about a month ago and have installed software and added emails, etc., since then. All my connections have disappeared, and I can't connect with the Internet on my PC; am using an old laptop now. Programs start, but take forever to load, so long I thought at first the machine was crashing. The NXT3 backup program opening screen says something about the ability to backup applications & files without the system, which it says can be used for migration. I would LIKE to be able to (1) create an inclusive backup of my applications and files, without my system, (2) delete or reformat my system partition, (3) reinstall my Windows 7 Home Deluxe from scratch, and (4) restore the programs and files backup mentioned in (1), and (4) have my current software & emails and a "clean" O/S so my machine works again. Unfortunately, I can't find DIRECTIONS as to how to do this, if in fact the software CAN do it. I would greatly appreciate help/advice. Thanks!