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  1. I've attached the card file structure from the vendor manual. I also attached a screen shot of the SD CARD and a Screen shot of what NXT 4 Pro is showing after I attempt to add the files. There is no error message, when I move the files over I get the spinning wheel for about 30 seconds then I get the regular screen again with no error message.
  2. Walt, I tried capturing the video directly from the camera. In capture mode the files appeared in the window with a lock. JVC vendor manual says the fields are read only with the camera attached via USB and when I tried capturing directly from the SD via a supplied reader/adapter I got the same indication. I searched the vendor manual to determine if I had inadvertently locked/protected the files and could not find anything. I subsequently moved the fields to my computers hard drive and I can play them individually. When I'm in MyDVD attempting to add the files to the project in NXT 4 the hour glass spins for about 30 seconds and none of the files show up in the project. Doesn't matter if I try to dray one or a group. There is no error message. I still have Creator 10 on my computer and I tried creating a DVD using that version and when a attempted to drag the files over it did give a message. It stated that the files could not be edited, this closed the program.
  3. By the way, when I moved the files to my HDD I was able to play the individual files but could not add them to the project either individually or as a group. I've use Roxio 10 for years and thought it was a great project upgraded when I got the new camera and can't get this thing to work to save my life.
  4. I tried moving the files to my HDD and got the same results. When I get off work I'll try the converter software. Thanks
  5. When I try to drag files from my JVX GZ-R450 nothing happens. I tried capturing directly from the camera (files show that they are locked) and I've moved the files to my computer and I can't get the "MTS" files to show up in my project. Please help.