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  1. So it is sad. My Roxio Gamecap HD Pro is infected by a virus. I cannot uninstall it. I cannot reinstall it. I cannot open it. It's gone. I cannot get rid of it from my Uninstall a program list. There is nothing I can do. Roxio software is 100% destroyed and infected. There is a virus in my Roxio HD. Virus virus virus virus virus. UPDATE: Found the Roxio page to update the software. Solved.
  2. I wanted to know if the recent update for the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro final?
  3. What is going on here? Why is my Capture Card refusing to go to HDMI whenever I am attempting to go to my XSplit or OBS? It keeps going to YPbPr mode since today. I can't stream no more.
  4. Everytime I tried to login to Twitch via Roxio Gamecap HD Pro software, I keep getting an error message saying that Roxio Gamecap stopped working. So it exits me out. When I tried again, same thing. I realized that Roxio discontinued the Livestream feature.
  5. Today I only have 6 hours of recording left for my Roxio Capture Card. What am I suppose to do if I have no more recording time left? Am I to trash the capture card?
  6. So, my Roxio Capture Card no longer works. Last night, When I plugged it into my computer, the game screen will not appear on my TV. My device is also shown purple light and not blue light and everything is plugged in properly. My Roxio Gamecap HD Pro is dead and they don't make those anymore and I cannot get it replaced.