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    File Archiving Problems

    I had started to archive some of my video files to a Western Digital Passport external hard drive when I started getting "File too large for destination drive" messages. There was plenty of free space on the drive, so I was puzzled at the message. After looking around for a while and checking the drive for errors, I realized that it was formatted FAT32. I re formatted NTFS and I don't seem to have the problem anymore. Apparently the individual files were too large for FAT32. Some were 6 to 7 GB, but it didn't occur to me that the file system on the Passport couldn't accept such large files.
  2. Bill Giles

    Output File Differences

    That is a reasonable explanation. If I only want to save one copy, which one should it be? There can be a significant difference in file size. As long as I have Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus, I can create an HQ output file. My main concern right now is archiving these videos for future use. I will probably burn most of them to DVD eventually and will copy the mpg files to an external hard drive (or two) for safekeeping. My internal hard drive is 320G and I have another 320G hard drive in a cartridge that will plug in to my DVD slot, but a two hour SP VHS tape uses a bunch of space. Thanks.
  3. Bill Giles

    Output File Differences

    I have been using Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus to capture video from old VHS tapes. While I sometimes burn a DVD, I always save the file to my PC. Other than setting the beginning and end points of the video, I don't do any editing to the original. When I am finished, I have two copies of the video, one in the Captured Videos folder and one in the COMPUTER folder. These videos appear to be the same format, but are of different file sizes. The exported files in the COMPUTER folder are always longer than the files in the Captured Video folder. What is the difference between these files? If Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus always saves a copy in the Captured Videos folder, why would I need to export the file to the computer? At this point, I just want to create an archive of video files that I can use later on. I have taken some of the files and strung them together to create a DVD and I know that I can combine videos to create a project, but is there any reason why I should export the raw videos to the computer? As long as I can archive the videos in the Captured Videos folder, I shouldn't need the other copies. Am I missing something?