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  1. Thank you for explaining the project files in that way myguggi. I always thought of those projects as my actual movies...not as simply roadmaps. I just recently realized I needed to create a video file. Without basic understanding of how Roxio worked, I made a lot of errors. As my knowledge grows, I will make fewer errors. I will definitely finish a project completely by making the video file. It is terribly frustrating that they didn't program Roxio to always be able to open older project files. It is also frustrating that I can't save the MyDVD menu as part of the complete video file. It takes me a long time to make chapter breaks in my movies and set up the menu because I change them to suit my needs. However, I can't save that menu as part of my finished video file so if I get an upgraded Roxio program, all that work is lost.
  2. I'm sorry I wasn't clear. When I made the movies years ago, I didn't know to export them to a video file. I didn't have enough understanding of the program to know to do that. I saved the movie I made with videowave, but I had to open them through Roxio and they had to have the exact same pathway to play. I just now learned about exporting to a video file, so I have been exporting all 28 movies I've made over the years. Most movies encoded just fine, but 5 had issues. I was able to successfully export 3 of them when I opened them with NXT5, but I had to delete the original color panels and made new ones due to the "missing files" prompt. I'm guessing the problem stems from opening a movie with NXT5 that was created with 2010. I just wondered if there was some way I could fix the missing pathway because I might want to open up those old movies in MyDVD or videowave. I also save the MyDVD menus because it takes me a long time to create all the chapters and menus. It's nice to be able to open old projects, but with Windows updating and needing to update Roxio, it seems like that isn't going to be possible. Shame. Bekki
  3. Yes, I was just in videowave. I wasn't in MyDVD. I think the error deals with the overlays I used on the color panels inserted into my movie while working in video wave. I didn't open MyDVD at all. My version is NXT5. I don't have any content in the Video/UI/Content...folder. That folder is part of NXT5 content. That is what is so odd about this situation. That is odd and the fact that I didn't use orange gradient overlay in movie and that is what they say is missing for any of the movies I open up. I did a test run making a short movie using NXT5 videowave to create the movie. I purposely used orange gradient as an overlay on a color panel and then tried to reopen the movie. It opened up just fine and located the orange gradient overlay. The problem only occurs when I open an old movie made with Roxio Creator 2010 and then opened up in NXT5. NXT5 will open the movie, but won't let me do anything with the movie until I "locate the missing file" and I can't locate the missing file because it when I click for it to find the missing file, it takes me to my personal photo file. Bekki
  4. Hello. I had to upgrade to NXT5 because Roxio 2012 wouldn't burn DVDs with Windows 10 on my computer. I'm disappointed because I agree with other users that NXT5 is inferior to Roxio 2012 when using MyDVD. However, it was necessary in order to finish projects. NXT5 will open old movies I created using Roxio 2010 and 2012, but I have a consistent problem with a pop-up that says it can't locate required files and it always says the same message: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Roxio Creator NXT 5/VideoUI/Content/Overlays/Banners/Orange Band... I know what to do when it can't locate files that are in my personal files; like if I moved a photo or renamed a folder and it can't locate needed photos or videos. However, this message is indicating it can't find part of NXT5s content. It add to the confusion, I didn't even use the orange band overlay in the movie. That same pop-up comes up with every old movie regardless of which overlay I used. I do use overlays on color panels in every movie because I separate different scenes in the home movies with a color panel that says what the scene is about. I tried to locate the missing content file, but it wouldn't find what it was looking for and took me to my photos folder. If I skip the locate missing files step, it opens my movie and everything looks fine on my color panels (no missing overlays), but it won't let me burn the project or output it to a video file. It won't let me do anything with the movie without first locating the missing Content/Overlays/Banners/Orange Band.. I uninstalled NXT5 and reinstalled it thinking something went wrong in the installation process, but that didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks! Bekki
  5. Hi. I managed to get the movies that were originally VHC-S converted to digital to encode to a video file without stalling and lagging using NXT5. The other 2 movies were made into a video file after I removed 2 video clips that were from Iphones that hung up the project. I'm pleased they are all able to be stored without needing Roxio to open them, but it was a bit of a mess trying to use 3 different Roxio versions because nothing worked well trying to blend old projects with new technology! Thank you for your help! Bekki
  6. Yes! That is exactly what I'm doing. When it says video quality, same as original. Should I change that setting?
  7. I hope I answer the questions in a way that gives you the information you need. I don't actually understand what rendering means. I was told to render movies when I had trouble burning them, so I did that, but I didn't actually understand what I was doing. This is what I'm doing: I am using Roxio 2010 to encode movies I made when I still used that version of Roxio. I'm outputting them to a video file so they can be played without using the Roxio program. When I open the movies in Roxio 2010, everything plays fine and works fine. I was able to output 24 of the movies I made using 2010 to a video file without any problems. However 5 movies will not "encode to a video file" properly. Those 5 movies have some issues with them. 3 of them are from converted VHS-C tapes. I made the tapes digital. 2 of them wouldn't burn when I was making DVDs and I was told to "render the movie" which I did. I'm not sure what to fix in order to have those 5 movies output to a video file properly. I tried to use NXT5 to output them to a video file, but that updated version wouldn't locate some of my files and won't output them to a video file. When I hit the command to output the movie to a video file, I don't change any of the properties. I am not burning DVDs.
  8. I completely agree with your opinion of NXT5 compared to Roxio 2012. I bought 2012 with the hope that it would run with Windows 10, but for some reason I didn't find the same success. Nothing would burn. The videowave portion worked just fine when I created the movies, but MyDVD wouldn't create a finished product. I got frustrated and just updated. I was disappointed with how basic MyDVD is in NXT5, but I need something that will run with my computer. As for my movies: the 2 movies that were created with a digital camcorder are 60 minutes in length. Prior to my computer upgrade to Windows 10, I used Creator 2010 to make and burn the movies. At that time, they wouldn't burn and I needed to render them prior to burning a DVD. That worked. However, I didn't know to encode movies so I'm just now doing that process and neither movie that required rendering will now encode. The other 3 movies that won't encode are from old clips that I made digital from old VHS-C tapes. They burned just fine to a DVD, but when I encode them, the movie clips will lag and stall. The audio portion continues, but the picture on the video will freeze and not move forward with the audio. That's odd. Those 3 movies are less than 30 minutes in length each.
  9. Hello. I am encoding old movies so they can be watched without support from the older versions of Roxio. I encoded 24 movies without a problem, but 5 of them won't encode properly. I get the message "Runtime Error. This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." The movies vary in length, but do not exceed 60 minutes. Two needed to be rendered in order to burn to a dvd, but even the rendered movies won't encode. Those 2 movies only contain digital clips. The other 3 movies that won't encode are movies made from clips that were transferred from VHS-C tapes to digital clips. I checked my drivers and they are updated and running properly. I have Windows 10 and recently upgraded to NXT5 because Roxio 2010 and 2012 wouldn't work correctly with Windows 10. My computer is Lenovo. Processor: AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12Computer Cores 4C-8G 3.50 GHz RAM: 12.0 GB (10.9 GB usable) System Type: 64 bit operating system, x64-based processor I'd appreciate tips on what I need to do to successfully encode these 5 movies. Thank you! Bekki
  10. I have great news! I bought 8.5 discs and the project burned. Thank you, all of you, for giving me information and advice to help me finish this project successfully. I learned more about computers and some new terminology from all of you. When the burn failed, it would have helped if the menu had said the disc was full rather than saying there was not enough memory. Not enough memory made me think the problem was with my computer rather than the disc. I will say, I did not have immediate success. When I first attempted to burn the project, I immediately got the message "Encoding Title Failure. Reason: E_RPLS_Fatal_Error_Out_Of-Memory Code: 2147766796. I was pretty upset since I had just spent a lot of money on double layer DVDs! I turned my computer off and let it rest a bit and then tried again. The second time the burn was successful. I don't understand why I needed to turn off my computer, but I read that advice in other conversations so I figured it might work. For other users to know, the burn took longer than usual. I'm not sure if it was because I used a double layer disc or if it is the NXT5 program. It hung up at the same percentage of burn a couple of times and stayed on 99% for over 20 minutes. It was nerve wracking because I kept waiting for the fail message, but it finally finished. Again, thank you to everyone who replied to my questions and helped me work through the problems with my project. I'm so happy and relieved to have a finished product! Take care, Bekki
  11. Myguggi - I have one title broken down into 23 chapters.
  12. Wait! I misread the length of my movie. When I sent it to MyDVD in 2012 it said I had 1 minute left of space remaining on the 4.7 GB disc after adding a menu and chapters. In NXT5, the information reads differently and I don't know how to translate one unit of measure to another. It says my project is 4516.45MB in length and my disc size is 4.7. Is that project size too large? I don't know how MB compares to GB. Bekki
  13. The test ran perfectly! I created a 3 minute project with 2 color panets, 2 chapters, and a menu. It burned just fine. I would happily make my problem project shorter except for the fact that I no longer have Creator 2012 (unless I can run it on software without installing it) so I can't edit the movie. NXT5 won't recognize any project I made with older versions. Do you recommend I get a larger DVD to see if it will burn that way or do you think the problem is with my movie? It doesn't seem like I have a problem with my memory levels on my computer unless there is something I don't understand. The project that won't burn is 1 hour and 2 minutes long. It is 4.57 GB. Bekki
  14. I don't know why Creator 2012 wouldn't encode my movie. It wouldn't even begin the process. After just a few seconds it would stop with the error code 8004520C and say it error while encoding movie 1. I figured it was because the program wasn't compatible with Windows 10 so I upgraded to NXT5. Gosh, I'm thinking I made a mistake with the upgrade, but I didn't think I had a choice. I just did a test project using NXT5. I had no trouble creating the project or burning it. It was very short - 3 minutes 7 seconds (357.73MB) on a 4.7 disc. I added 2 color panels and a menu with 2 chapters. What does this mean in terms of it not burning my other project? It looks like I have plenty of RAM and wouldn't NXT5 just reduce the quality of my video if the project was too big for a 4.7 disc? I'm not sure how to fix the problem and get it to burn. Thanks for your suggestions and input! Bekki
  15. My project was about 1 hour and 2 minutes before adding a menu in MyDVD. It was right on the cusp of being too long, but when I tried to burn it in the Creator 2012 (before upgrading to NXT5), it fit on the disc with a high quality setting. It only had about 1 minute left, but it fit. (I didn't burn it with 2012 because it wouldn't encode the movie). I just upgraded to NXT5 last night so I'm not proficient with the program. I was confused about how the green bar worked that shows how big the project is. It gave the size of the project, but didn't indicate if it was too big. I'm guessing it just automatically decreases the quality of the video if the project is too large. Is that correct? Do you think my project is too large? My problem is that I already outputted the project before I installed NXT5. When I installed NXT5, it erased 2012 from my computer. I'd have to reinstall 2012 to shorten the project since NXT5 doesn't recognize the project I made in 2012. (I wish they made the new programs so that they opened older projects made with legacy programs.) Bekki