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    Mydvd Won't Let Me Burn Disk Of My Home Movie

    Brendon, Yes that was a big help. I wasn't even getting to that screen because I was trying to "open project" not create a new one. I was assuming that since I already had created and authored a project that I would just be opening that file up NOT creating something new. Once I got to this screen, yea it was pretty easy but like everybody else here, I was disappointed with the lack of options in the new version. Thanks everybody for the help. Marc
  2. marcus_4m

    Mydvd Won't Let Me Burn Disk Of My Home Movie

    Thanks fellas, glad it isn't just me, I still have 1 issue however. When I am ready to export, I click on the "send to my dvd" button and it gives me a dialogue box that asks me how I want to author it (like selecting DVD vs. Blu Ray and what resolution and refresh rate). I select a setup and it creates a file. Then when I open MyDVD and try to manually import it like you suggested, it doesn't see the file in the folder. It doesn't see ANY files in the folder. But if I view the folder in Windows Explorer, I have created a dat file, a roxio media production file, a M2TS file, and an mpg2 file. The multiple files are because I have saved the production, AND tried to create a blu ray AND a DVD. My DVD won't see any of these. So my question really is how do you guys go about exporting? Can somebody share what format they export their video in so that My DVD can see it? thanks!
  3. I was using Roxio NXT (and other Roxio products before that) to make home movies with no issues. On my old Windows 7 PC running NXT, I would edit and create my movie using VideoWave and when I was ready to burn the movie to a disk I clicked on the "send to MyDVD" button which would open MyDVD. I would select a theme, edit the menu, and then click burn. Software would create my DVD/Blu Ray and I was done. That was my old computer. So I got a new PC with Windows 10. I immediately upgraded Roxio to NXT4 Premium. I then purchased the blu ray add on. Now when I try and do the same steps, I can't get My DVD to behave the same. It only gives me the options to "author" the movie to a file. I can't setup the menu's and the like, and I can't burn it to ANY type of disk. It will only create a file. When I let it run, a 50 minute movie takes about 50 minutes to create. Then I go to the folder where I told it to save the file to, and it is only a 89KB DMSM file??? What the hell is going on? I know that there are certain things missing from Windows 10 (like DVD support and Windows Media Player). Is there something I need to setup now in Windows 10? Any Thoughts? thanks!