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    Vhs To Dvd Problem

    I too have projects loaded, but only want to create dvds for various VHS that i loaded in. I have closed to 8 VHS files loaded into one project - each has its own file name. I moved all but one to the inactive location, but the burn dvd button does not activate.
  2. pappy4166

    Vhs To Dvd Problem

    Walter, i connected my VHS player to my computer and imported various VHS tapes. Initially i created one large project which had about 7 vhs recordings. I then decided to test creating a single dvd with one of the recorded videos. so i created a new project an moved just one small video into the project. I cannot burn a dvd since the "burn dvd" button is dithered and not enabled. I am running XP and wonder if that might be a cause of the problem.