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  1. Hi guys, Again -- sorry for the delay. Here are my answers: 1. When I'm working on my video, I'm not using headphones. It's just my Mac and the VCR. I'm listening to the VHS through my Mac speakers. 2. I used a pair of earbuds on the sample clip and yes -- I can hear the noise. 3. I projected my Mac to my TV using AppleTV and I can also hear the noise clearly coming through my TV. It almost seems louder when it's on the TV but that's probably because the TV speakers are more powerful??? I'm not sure if using AppleTV is what you mean by playing the clip "through my TV." Also: I'm an amateur when it comes to audio stuff; I don't know anything about GoldWave and I definitely don't know anything about Hz. Stumped again... Is this unsolvable? -Ryan
  2. Hi! Sorry for being so out of touch the past two weeks! Or three! I made a 30 sec. clip of a video. I let it run with sound and then paused the VHS -- during the pause, you can hear the noise. You might think I'm nuts because it's faint. In this particular example the sound of the recording is loud the the YMCA music playing, but on some tapes, when the sound on the actual VHS is low, the high pitched noise is definitely audible. Let me know what you think. This is using a Toshiba M650. I posted the clip using Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1Rh6qskbV8NWUdQTUdpYzZYMU0
  3. Digital Guru -- are you still out there???
  4. Below is a link to a photo of what my Bose system looks like. I'm not sure if this is the *exact* same model, but it looks almost identical. I only have two speakers: http://www.bose.com/images/customer_service/owners/guides/home_theater_systems/ls8ii_product.jpg There is a red/white cord that runs from the TV (#9 on the above illustration from Oct. 14) to the Bose system -- specifically, the cords go like this: 1. Red/yellow cords go from TV (#9) to the silver book-shaped unit (see the Bose photo link in this post). 2. The silver unit connects to the subwoffer 3. The subwoffer is connected to the speakers When I tested my VCR's audio, all I did was unplug the TV's red/white cords from the silver unit and replaced them with the VCR's red/white cables. Is this enough info for you? I can give more if necessary -- just tell me what info you need.
  5. So the BNC cable will connect my VCR to my TV and display the VHS tape's image, correct? The reason I would buy this cable would be to test to see if the high pitch noise can be heard when I connect my VCR to my TV using the red/white cables *and* the BNC video cable. Is that also correct? And if the noise can or cannot be heard, then what? Can the BNC connect to the video 1 or video 2 ports on the back of my VCR and then link to Roxio's yellow port to act as a Composite connection? I think I'm unsure as to why I would buy the BNC cable -- is the only purpose to determine if the high pitch noise will or will come not through my TV speakers? Another note: my TV is hung on the wall and I will need to take it down to access the panel you identify in the illustration above. It's going to be difficult and I'd only want to do this if it will help take a step in the right direction. Also -- Thanks for all of the advice you've been giving me. I really appreciate it and hope this all leads of some kind of fix!
  6. It's a Sony. Model: xbr65x850c
  7. I have a smart TV -- an Android. Is there a yellow outlet on this type of TV? I'm not sure what you're suggesting I do here. For my past tests, I hooked my VCR's red/white cables directly into the Bose system, which is linked to my TV. When I turn on my TV and press play on the VCR, I can only hear the VHS tape, I can't see the image playing because I don't have a yellow jack on my TV. You're suggesting I run a yellow cord from my VCR to my TV, but I don't know where I can plug in on the TV. My TV is also mounted to a wall; here is what I can see on the side (terrible pics -- I can shoot better ones if you want): https://s10.postimg.org/fdtobmkpl/IMG_0515.jpg https://s9.postimg.org/3t0s3yg3j/IMG_0516.jpg
  8. Well -- the USB port didn't solve the problem. I still get the ringing noise. I just tried using another Mac and it didn't help either... any other tricks up your sleeve??? I also just re-tried the sound on my TV, to make sure I didn't miss the ringing noise when I first tried, and I am certain that there is no problem with the sound when the red/white cables are attached to the TV's Bose speaker system. The ringing is definitely coming from the S-Video cable. Arg!
  9. I just bought the one off Amazon. I'll let you know what happens once it arrives. Fingers crossed it saves the day. If not, I'll just return it. Stay tuned...
  10. Are you talking about using something like this: https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-2-5A-power-adapter/dp/B00DQFGH80
  11. I can't find a yellow output port on my VCR for the yellow cord. I'm attaching photos below of the back of my VCR, the front panel with all sorts of buttons and switches, and a set of red/white/yellow INPUT ports on the front of the VCR. I tried plugging the yellow cord into the black port (on the back) marked linear, but this is all just audio output. Any other ideas?
  12. Thanks for the tip. I hooked up my VCR to my TV. I don't know where to plug in the cord for the picture, but I do have a red/white hook-up, so I was able to hear the sound from the VHS tape. There is **no** high pitch noise when I play the VHS on my TV. I have a Bose sound system from years ago that's still in great shape; I put my ear right against the speaker and the sound comes through fine. That means it's... Roxio? My Mac? Another note that might be important: If I have Roxio open on my Mac and pause the VHS, I can still hear the high pitch noise. This is probably the easiest way for me to hear the noise because it doesn't compete with the tape's audio. While the VHS is paused, if I unplug the red/white cords from the Roxio USB device, the ringing remains. But if I leave the red/white plugged in and unplug the S-Video cable from the Roxio USB device, the ringing stops and (obviously) the paused screen goes blank.
  13. I just purchased the Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. I am converting using an old Panasonic AG-1980 VCR. The VHS tapes are playing fine in the Roxio software window, but there is always a high pitched noise in the background. It's like a ringing noise in your ear. If I increase the volume on my Mac, the noise gets louder. If I lower the volume, the noise is still there, but difficult to hear. I am using an S-video cable along with red and white cables. I've tried two different S-video cables and both produce the noise. I only have one set of red/white/yellow cables, so the problem could be related to them. I went into my Mac's sound control window and changed the input to "Roxio Video Capture USB" but the noise is still present. I'm stumped and frustrated. Is it the machine? The software? The cables? I really hope its not the machine since I bought it specifically for this project. I was hoping that this would be a smooth and easy process, but none of my transfers are working out. Help! Ryan