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    BUMP Restore

    I have a backup made by BUMP 4.85 that created a 16gb QIC file successfully. During a complete restore, however, I noticed that it only restored certain folders. Of course, not the most important ones. Here are some facts: Backed up Windows XP Home sp2 to a network folder using BUMP 4.85; reformated hard drive; installed fresh copy of Windows XP Home w/ sp2; installed latest HP drivers for interanl hardware; Installed BUMP 4.85; restored using device view from network folder. Device View successfully creates a tempory catalog and I can browse all files in the backup. I selected the folders I wanted to restore and I proceeded with the process. I immediately get the following error: File header not found on media [4872 1308] H:\ProWin05\05Data - has damaged or corrupt data on the media. Do you want to continue the current operation anyway? Is there a person or company that can go into a QIC file and extract the 1 folder I need and 1 additional file from a different folder? I basically need a data recovery company.