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  1. doneal,

    You haven't mentioned the model of your computer burner drive, but in earlier days there were drives which were very choosy about the type of disc they would read.


    If I was you, I'd be inclined to go out and get a modern DVD burner drive for your computer for $20 to $40, rather than buying a duplicator tower for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.





    I have two computers a new dell win 10 and an older e-machine they both give the message that the disk is blank

  2. I had some old home movies vcr tapes, I used a Magavox VHS to DVD player to copy them. I had DVR r disks, when I ran out and bought more, but I bought the DVD rw disk. The DVD rw will play on my computer but the DVR r wont. I get a message that the disk is blank but it's not blank it plays just fine on a DVD player. I want to be able to play the DVD r on my computer. I'm just guessing that it was the disk type?

    The old vcr tapes are gone, so I cant just make another copy from the tape to a new DVD rw disk. I need to be able to copy from DVD r to DVD rw.

    I would like to know if anyone has used Copystars DVD CD Duplicator 1-1 24X burner Disc Copier Burner DL tower to copy a DVD R to DVD rw?