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  1. Thanks, I followed your instructions and put the disk back in the DVD recorder and finialized it. Now I can view it on my computer and make copies.
  2. I found the problem it is unfinalized I have six more disk that are DVD-R that are the same way. Is there anyway I can copy them so I can view them on the computer?
  3. It's not the DVD rw that wont work. It's the DVD r that work. I'm able to open and view the DVD rw. When I copied the vhs tape to the DVD r , when it was done I believe there was a message stating writing lead. I just assumed that was the finalized ? just not sure.
  4. Yes, it's finalized, When I put it in the computers, they think its blank and doesnt show anything. but they are not blank they play just fine in the dvd player.
  5. I have two computers a new dell win 10 and an older e-machine they both give the message that the disk is blank
  6. old home movies and other recordings made with a RCA camcorder
  7. Yes, I have creator 9 and cyber link
  8. I had some old home movies vcr tapes, I used a Magavox VHS to DVD player to copy them. I had DVR r disks, when I ran out and bought more, but I bought the DVD rw disk. The DVD rw will play on my computer but the DVR r wont. I get a message that the disk is blank but it's not blank it plays just fine on a DVD player. I want to be able to play the DVD r on my computer. I'm just guessing that it was the disk type? The old vcr tapes are gone, so I cant just make another copy from the tape to a new DVD rw disk. I need to be able to copy from DVD r to DVD rw. I would like to know if anyone has used Copystars DVD CD Duplicator 1-1 24X burner Disc Copier Burner DL tower to copy a DVD R to DVD rw?
  9. it apears all the disc that I copied from vhs to dvd that were on the dvd r wont play on the pc, the disc that were dvd rw will. So I just assume that it is the disc type?
  10. this is an old post, but I have the same problem. I think it may be due to disk, the disk is dvd r . The dvd r will play in dvd player but not on any pc. However the same movie recorded on dvd rw will play on both the dvd player and the pc.