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  1. Captainwolf

    Burning a disc

    I'm having the same problem?
  2. Captainwolf

    burning disc

    I can't burn the photos to a disc music works on the Roxio Photo show I did many of them with no problem I uninstalled and reinstalled the program same thing. I tried a photo show that worked before and the same thing happened photo upload black ?? tried to get help from support but they had no clue?
  3. Captainwolf

    burning disc

    I tried to burn the photo show on a disc and no photos showed up just the music. I had this problem once before but don't remember how I fixed it??
  4. Captainwolf

    Making A Cd Copy Of Photo Show

    I made many photo shows before using Roxio Photo Show. I made 3 this time and 2 of them burned to a CD and the 3rd did not copy the photos only a blank black space.