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    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Hello people, I tested with a bought movie (not recorded by me off the air) and it recorded the entire tape without stopping (the recording looks clean too). It is in SP mode of course. My recorded tapes are in EP mode to store 6 h on each tape. I guess my tapes have some bleeps that causes problems for the roxio hardware.
  2. vmelkon

    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    The tapes aren't perfect so there are staticy that pops up sometimes in the middle of the scene. The thing is, I can rewind, replay and record and it passes through it just fine with the Roxio.
  3. vmelkon

    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Yes, there is 100 GB free on 500 GB. It is a desktop. It is a normal hard disk. It is a Phenom II quad core 3.4 GHz. While recording, it uses less than 1 core (about 20%).
  4. vmelkon

    Recording Stops At 'gap' In Tape

    Do I have the same problem? I am recording with the VHS to DVD plus program. I use the record to PC mode. Sometimes, after 15 min or 18 min or 50 min, the image JAMS. The SOUND keeps playing for a while and then it stops. I have to delete the video, rewind the tape and try again. Then it works for longer and then it JAMS again. I think the USB Roxio hardware is freezing. I unplug and replug it and it continues to playback. Just restarting the VHS to DVD program doesn’t do it. It shows a BLACK screen with some thump sounds from the speaker (thump every second). I am using Win 7 64 bit SP1. It is plugged to a USB 2.0 port. nVidia GTX 650 2 GB. Does any other hardware matter?