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    Music Recognition

    Hi Brendon I made a Test. I created mp3 files with no sound but with the exact length of the LP "A Night at the Opera" from Queen. That piece of music HAS TO BE KNOWN Then I started the recognition process... ...and nothing happens The conclusion is that there has to be more than the amount of tracks and, the duration of each track with the right order. I think it should work like SoundHound. Regards All4Cinema EDIT: Your question: Tell me please, will the MusicID button only look at two tracks at a time for you? Yes, if I test with recorded music, the tool only look at two tracks at a time.
  2. All4Cinema

    Music Recognition

    Hi Brendon Thanks a lot for Your response! Yes, I want to digitize vinyl LPs with the LP & Tape Assistant Yes, I connected my Oracle Delphi Mark IV (Kiseki blue goldspot /mc) over an X-LPS to the Soundcard and recording is no Problem "-you have very good taste in music" Yes, I did all the Steps you described until to that point... But the Tracks are not recognized. I can see,that an Internet Connection is established, but the Result returned from the Server is allways rubbish (Titels from Computer Games or nothing). Any Idea? Best Regards All4Cinema
  3. All4Cinema

    Music Recognition

    Hello everybody I'm a Roxio Creator NXT5 owner for a few days. I bought the software because I want to digitize a large amount of LPs. Using the wizard to record music is no problem. To set track marker is no problem. But none of the LPs has been recognized at Gracenote so far (Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Roy Orbison). What am I doing wrong? Kind regards All4Cinema