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    Upgrading From Toast 15 To 15.1...

    theoldarchiver: I copied and pasted your text into Terminal and came up with nothing. So I used Time Machine and brought back v15. Then I launched TOAST and went through the upgrade process again...but this time with a finer eye on things. Lo and behold, there was a link for a download in the event that the default install method was not successful. I simply clicked on the link, downloaded the file, then used it to perform the upgrade. Done and done. Thanks, ptcruiser
  2. PTCruiser

    Upgrading From Toast 15 To 15.1...

    I have just upgraded my TOAST 15 to 15.1 (4486). I was looking for the upgrade file in the Menu Bar >> Go >> Downloads and discovered it wasn't there. I make copies of everything (paranoid, I guess), and this file is no exception. How can I get that file for my records?