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    Burn Dvd From Roxio Videowave

    Thank you to both of you for your responses. I watched the YouTube explanation and followed the directions, but wow...the quality is so much worse than the old "burn" process. I now have the project in "movie clips" m2ts file, MP4 file (too large for a regular DVD, and multiple ISO files. Have done the copy and create as both DVD and video. Have just burned the movie clip version and it looks awful. It appears the create DVDs icon leads me to the mydvd which requires a menu. Can't find how to eliminate the annoying music you get on the root menu. Can't even edit the words root menu. I am getting to be a desperate person and have spend two days working on this. Thanks for allowing the vent. Thinking I will re load 2012 unless a miracle happens tonight.
  2. I just downloaded creator NXT pro 5.....had been using Roxi 2012 and upgraded hoping the quality of the DVDs would be less grainy. (Original feed was crystal clear). Trying to burn DVD with new product. Previously, I could click the DVD icon and without menues, click the burn button directly. Now I see "PREPARE FOR AUTHORING" and create video file. Have been searching help and can't find how to "burn" from this program. What am I missing?