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    Burning large files to CD

    Thanks very much, theoldarchiver. That is just the information I wanted. I tried burning the 23 tracks to a 90-min disk with Toast, but Toast insisted on wanting to split them between two disks despite the CD-R being a 90-minute one, so I used Express Burn instead. That created a CD with all 23 tracks on it, which played perfectly well in iTunes and in VLC on my Mac. In my (ancient) CD player, it played continuously, but — though all 23 tracks were displayed — I was not able to select particular tracks to play. I have not had a chance yet of trying it in another, more modern, CD player. Thanks again.
  2. MichaelGraubart

    Burning large files to CD

    I have a set of 23 AAIF tracks, whose total duration is 86 minutes and whose total size is 1.37 GB, which I want to burn to a CD. I have some 90 minute, 800 MB, recordable CDs. As far as duration is concerned, my recordings will fit onto one of these disks. My question is: will Toast 16 reduce the total file size during the burning to fit the disc’s capacity of 800 MB, or should I first convert the AIFF files to more compressed ones such as mp3s? Thank you in anticipation of advice.
  3. MichaelGraubart

    Mystery New Mac Application

    Thank you very much, 'the old archiver'. That is very interesting and useful. In the meantime, after some repeated pestering, I obtained an answer from Corel (who have taken over Roxio): originally they had said that they knew nothing about this app, but at last they have said that the software in Express is identical to that in Titanium, but that in Express one can only burn, one cannot edit. That seems to tie up with what you say, and I shall explore. But the statement that the software is identical to Titanium's (though strictly speaking contradicted by the statement that one cannot edit!) answers my doubts about the quality of the results of burning with Express.
  4. MichaelGraubart

    Mystery New Mac Application

    Thanks very much, Brendon, for this very quick, helpful and informative reply. I may try to get a refund from MacUpdate after i have made sure that my old Toast Titanium 9 still works fully in Sierra.
  5. MichaelGraubart

    Mystery New Mac Application

    A few days ago, MacUpdate presented a half-price offer of a new Roxio product: Toast Express. I have used Toast Titanium 9 for many years, but since I have upgraded my Mac's operating system to Sierra I was interested in this Toast Express. I tried asking Roxio/Corel, but the advisor who answered my enquiry had never heard of Toast Express. That made me suspicious, of course, and I contacted MacUpdate, who got me some details and confirmed that Toast Express is a bona fide Roxio product. Since the price was so tempting, I took a chance on it and purchased and installed it. But I would still like some details: what are its limitations compared with the latest Toast Titanium? How does the quality of CDs burnt with Toast Express compare with those burnt by means of Toast Titanium? Etc. I have had to post in the General Chat forum because there is nothing for Toast Express. Likewise it seems almost impossible to find a way of asking for information on the Corel website. I should be very grateful for some information.