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    Doesn't Recognize Its Own .wma File?

    It seems to have resolved itself... No idea what I did...
  2. I've successfully recorded quite a few cassettes to .wma with this program, but today it fails to recognize the .wma file it just recorded. The file exists; the error message says "The file... does not exists or is not a supported audio file." I closed & re-opened the program, and then re-booted the computer, but am still getting the same error... Any thoughts?
  3. pklonowski

    Confused Instructions...

    Picked up Easy VHS to DVD3, intending to use it for cassette to mp3 conversions. Page 23 of the manual says to "connect a stereo receiver to your computer using the Roxio Video Capture USB device." It doesn't indicate which of the many connections on the stereo receiver to use. Or does it mean the cassette deck?
  4. pklonowski

    Confused Instructions...

    Cassette deck output worked... had a few glitches with the software, but I'm up & running... I noticed the Video side uses the output from the VHS player, so this does make sense. But Roxio could improve the instructions.... Should say Cassette Deck, not Stereo Receiver. Thank you!