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  1. Harleey

    No Signal On Tv

    nvr mind i fixed it i just had to reinstall again
  2. Harleey

    No Signal On Tv

    what other information do you need? like i could put a picture up
  3. Harleey

    No Signal On Tv

    i get the signal on the roxio software but not on my tv does any one know how to fix this
  4. Harleey


    i have tried reinstalling the software quite a few times and nothing changes if you can help that would be great This is what happens: https://youtu.be/LOa6BQr1ykY Ps everytime the screen goes black its cause i as running as admin
  5. Harleey

    Roxio Crashes After Trying To Login To Twitch?

    hay try using obs studio is is alot easier to use and set up and does not crash
  6. Harleey


    i got help