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  1. I uninstalled all software, and removed all of the usb options that now show again with the same indication warning. not sure why so many instances show up. but it is still not functioning at all. I tried taking a posting a screenshot, but for some reason this forum seems to require me to host the image somewhere externally and to be able to link to it instead of simply posting the image. Edit: I do have the new version of the adapter.
  2. I have spent hours trying to get a driver to work for the VHS to DVD USB Adapter on Windows 10. I have downloaded the Win64 driver files, and even tried the Win32 driver files (even though I knew that would be the wrong one), and out of desperation I have even tried the old 2009 usb driver, as well as the uninstalling and re-installing the disc multiple times, hoping that the driver was actually on the disc and would install but it never does. when I check the device it always says that windows could not install a driver for it, and that it currently has no driver. I can't for any reason seem to be able to get the Roxio software to see the Roxio USB Adapter. any help would be greatly appreciated.