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  1. Yes, I did a clean install, but I'm still having this Blue Screen computer crash issue. Any other options?
  2. Hi All, When dragging digital photo files into Drag-to-Disk for buring on CD's, I get a Blue Screen error message and my computer crashes. I've re-installed the program 2X and the problem continues. How can I rectify this problem? Thanks, Mike
  3. Mike M

    ECM 9 Burning Problem

    Hi Bruce. I was hoping not to start over again. I used MyDVD and added a slideshow in the project using the Slideshow Assistant. Was I wrong in doing it this way? I'll try using the Videowave option. Three days worth of work down the drain. Thanks, Mike
  4. Mike M

    ECM 9 Burning Problem

    Hello, I'm trying to burn a slideshow with audio using MyDVD. The preview is perfect, but when I go to burn or create an ISO image, I lose all the slides in the middle of the slide show. The presentation starts out great, but then it jumps to the end missing the entire middle part of the slide show. How can I rectify this burn problem? EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED WITH ROXIO ECM 9!!! Please help. Mike
  5. Mike M

    Unlinked Slideshow

    Hello dear friends, I'm using Creator 9 and made a DVD presentation which has an unlinked slideshow. How do I link this slideshow to the DVD project? I wasn't able to burn the project because of this unlinked slideshow. I get an error message, sends me back to Slideshow Assistant but gives no explaination on how to link the slideshow to the menu. Please advise. Mike
  6. Hi Bruce, I'm debating if I should leave IE 7 and upgrade to Roxio ECM 9. I'm not familiar with MyDVD since I've always used DVD Builder and VideoWave. Based on your experience, is ECM 9 worth it? I like the ECM 7.5 but worried about upgrading. When MS Updates added IE 7 to my system, IE 6 is no longer listed on the "add/romve program" list. MS has a IE 6 SP1 download, but I'm not sure if this is the correct version to reinstall. Any suggestions? Mike
  7. Hello, I updated to IE 7.0 and now my ECM 7.5 videowave and DVD Builder doesn't work. The screen freezes up when additng pictures to storyteller slideshow. How can I uninstall IE 7.0 and re-install IE 6.0? Help. Thanks, Mike
  8. Does EMC 9 still have VideoWave & DVD Builder? I've never used MyDVD program before. Has the program changed drastically?
  9. Hi Granpabruce, Good news. I was able to burn my slide show production on DVD+R disks and the video/audio are all in sync. I can also play the disks on my DVD player too! It took a lot of work and sleepless nights, but I would not have been able to finish the job without your help. Thanks for all your recommendations! I brought the Roxio version 9.0 upgrade as a back up just in case the burning didn't work. I didn't install it yet, but based on the problems I'm reading on the support pages, I think I'll continue using my 7.5 and return the 9.0 back for a refund. Is it worth upgrading? Regards, Mike
  10. Driver type HL-DT-ST-DVDRAM GSA-4163B
  11. Grandpabruce, Your suggestions worked. I was able to convert my video CD file to a VideoWave file. I created a video move clip where the pictures and audio are all in sync when playing it on my computer using Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, when I tried burning the VideoWave production to CD using DVD Builder, the video CD production was out of sync again. Fustrating I would like to try burning the VideoWave production using the DVD option in DVD Builder, but I'm not sure what media disk to use. My DVD player is about six years old. I can play burnt CD-RW disks, but it won't play CD-R or DVD+R disks. Are their DVD disks specifically for burning video's? Your assistance is well appreciated. Mike
  12. Hi Grandpabruce, Thanks for your recommendation. Yes, I'm using DVD Builder to burn the video CD slide show. I'm trying to figure out how to convert this video CD in DVD Builder to video wave format. This will save me some time in trying to start from scratch again. Any suggestions? Mike
  13. Dear Roxio friends, I using Roxio 7.5 and I'm making a slideshow presentation with audio. On the preview and advanced timeline, both the slides and audio are perfectly in sync. After burning, everything is out of sync, and the last 5 slides of the production has no audio whatsoever. I tried making an image file, then burning. I've tried burning directly to disc and still havwe the same problem......out of sync. I've burned this production 12 times and gotten 12 different out of sync results. Also, I'm using TDK CD-RW discs which I'm able to view on my DVD player. What a'm I doing wrong? Before I spend $35 to speak to a live technical assistant, does anyone have a solution to this problem? Please help Thank, Mike