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    How Do I Remove "chapter Image" From Blu-Ray Bd-Rw Playback?

    Oops, I forgot that. I have a "Sony BDPS6200 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi and 4K Upscaling" (2014 Model). Also, here's a picture of my TV screen. You can see the unwanted "picture-in-picture" at the upper left.
  2. jasontoast

    How Do I Remove "chapter Image" From Blu-Ray Bd-Rw Playback?

    By "chapter image," I mean the automatically-generated thumbnail (or screen capture) that represents each "chapter." Yes, exactly! When I play the movie from the beginning, the "Chapter 1" image appears and remains at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. It takes up about 15% of my 65" screen. When I skip to any other chapter, the chapter image changes accordingly. PS: I could not figure out how to upload an image here. It asks for "URL" instead of allowing me to upload from my hard drive.
  3. Hello, I am using Toast Titanium 11 on Mavericks. When I burn to a Blu-Ray BD-RW disc, everything seems to be fine. However, when I play on my Sony Blu-Ray player, the "chapter image" remains at the upper-left of the screen. It never goes away, even though the movie is playing. I'm not sure if this is the result of a setting in TT. I've looked, but I don't see an applicable setting. I have not found a way to make it disappear via my Blu-Ray player's remote control, either. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Jason