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  1. DxDiag.txt I got the DxDiag I hope you can find the problem maybe.
  2. I do know yet because I have another problem the roxio software won't open so I just got my Dxdiag
  3. This problem occurs everytime i double click the roxio program I had problems exaclty like this all i did was reset my computer and it was fixed, but this time it won't work. I have Windows 10. DxDiag.txt
  4. I use Windows 10, Program is Roxio Hd Pro, This problem accorded a week ago I did research but ended up here. No settings changed at all it just randomly had the colorful rectangles it seems like It happened to no one else because there weren't any youtube videos, or people in the forum having this problem. When I record I can still here the volume form the xbox just can't see the gameplay Email is: ajoniipalmer12@gmail.com. In the preview screen i need help. It looks like this....