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  1. New computer is definitely not a possibility. He does web based paperwork for work and just pictures/facebook/email so nothing fancy. Since I've already bought this Roxio for PC instead of mac, will what he has suffice (even if slow)? I'm not really editing just adding menus and dropping clips in. Even if it takes longer at this point as long as I can get them onto a disc I will consider myself happy. This whole process has made me realize what an elementary level knowledge I have of computers. I never knew of this diagnostic process nor any of those errors. I opened the file and looked through them. I've ran a norton update and full system scan on his computer (he had just done it not too long ago). Everything according to windows says it's up to date. Don't know how else to get those errors fixed. Even looking through all of the "update device drivers" on the computer, it says they're up to date as well (had to go through them individually). To be honest, I couldn't even tell which was my video driver which is how I ended up going through them all checking individually!
  2. I found the files! They're 1080 x 1440 off the camcorder
  3. I believe this is the DxDiag file you need DxDiag.txt
  4. I've recently downloaded this program to author and burn my family's home videos in high-def. I'm having major problems with it. 1. It burns at an incredibly slow speed. It took half a day to burn 1 25 GB BD-R disc. I'm so new at this that I don't even know if this is normal but it seems eternally long. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening? I'm using a Pioneer plug & play bluray burner 2. After finalizing the disc, it won't play on any player. I've looked at all my players to see if it's a compatibility issue playing the disc but even the player I've confirmed to be able to play BD-R media it still won't play the disc. Being such a novice at this process, I'm at a complete loss of what to do. Any and all help in layman' terms would be appreciated. Thanks