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    File Open Crashes

    I did move the first few disc files before I read the warning that moves will corrupt files. But,the last six were not moved and they still crash the software. It is consistent no matter how you open the file, crashes. Any idea where the media files are kept? Thanks
  2. PeggyMac

    Viewing Capturing Video

    Rather than do a straight burn to DVD when capturing from VHS tapes, if you use the extract button to capture the clip , a small viewing window will appear.
  3. PeggyMac

    File Open Crashes

    I burn my DVD and it looks good. After checking out the DVD, I do a save File save, type in a file name and then save. When I return to Toast and try a File Open Recent, selecting the file I saved, Toast crashes with a dump. Using Finder to locate the saved file, which is xxx.disc, and opening the file with double clicks, invoked Toast just fine but also crashes just as the above did. Any information would be great, maybe someone has been successful.
  4. PeggyMac

    Viewing Capturing Video

    Would like to see video during a capture session while using Titanium on a Mac. Any way to do this?