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  1. Yep, that was it. Somehow I could not burn more than an hour of content onto a single single layer DVD, thought the program said that things were ok. I'll need to buy some DL DVDs this afternoon here as I'll need to record approx 2 hours per disc. I believe that DVDs are still the most versatile option as almost everyone still has a DVD or Blu-Ray player (which accepts DVDs). Thanks for looking at this differently.
  2. I have already tried the repair so to say. The Corel rep indicated that I should uninstall everything, reboot, and reinstall. I was then also told to try creating a new user and burn from the new user. None of these approaches yielded any different results. I will try writing simply 1/2 an hour of content to a DVD as a next test. If this works, I will purchase a stock of DL DVDs which I will likely require for my projects. I'll post an update soon.
  3. @Digital Guru, I am running the Windows 10 version of the program. Are you suggesting that I need to wait a few hours before any writing will begin to the DVD? I believe I left the computer on all night once, but nothing happened.
  4. I have been hitting my head against the wall for the past week over this issue. Using Windows 10 with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Plus, when I try to write a mpeg file generated by the application, I receive a message about adjusting trim points, and then one about "Exporting to DVD", which halts at 97%. Nothing is actually ever written to the DVD though. Has anybody else stumbled upon this problem, or knows of a remedy? thx