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    Green No Signal - Some Audio - No Video

    All i'm saying is that when i changed those settings, it said ready. The last sentence was meant to say Tv, not PC. My console is set up correctly, using component cables as per the websites instructions. I'm going to send it back. I just tried it again with my Ps3 instead of ps2 and it said my driver was faulty. i tried to repair and it blue screened my PC. That's the third computer this device has blue screened, it must be faulty.
  2. Balding_Man

    Green No Signal - Some Audio - No Video

    My PC is brand new, and different ports don't do anything. As you can see in my screenshots, there are no errors. If you see my edit, you'll notice that I get a green "ready" if i switch to PAL_N. This is also the only setting that is seen in OBS, yet i'm getting the same results. Last night I managed to record audio only. I'm leaning towards thinking that the capture card could be damaged since it's second hand. But then again i can play the game find on my PC.
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently got a RGC off Ebay. So far i've wasted a week trying to get it working and had 2 laptops blue screen or crash on me for reasons beyond me except it was when i plugged the device in. I decided to try it out on my desktop which is way above the minimum requirements. This time it installed without a hitch and I have both drivers: Now when i open the capture software, i am greeted with this screen: So far i'm getting a green no signal and a black screen - however I am now getting some crackly audio from the game. But I am stuck as to what i'm meant to do now. I can play the game fine on my TV on the component setting. Thanks edit: I played around with the settings, and i'm now getting "ready" however, it doesn't pick up any video.