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  1. Update, for anyone reading this in the future. The roxio capture is not compatible with Nvidia gtx750 ti. Developers have been informed to try and add support.
  2. All the settings are at default. I have tried turning off 3d acceleration to see if that would make any difference. Are there any crash dumps that may help Corel find what the problem is? I haven't given up yet, wondering if the shop(Maplin) will accept it back as it's clearly not working with Windows 10 and my hardware. If i cant get this to work whats a good alternative to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro?
  3. Cheers, Just tried the suggestion. Still coming up with the original error. 'Roxio Media Capture has stopped working' Losing the will to live on this one. Any other ideas?
  4. Thanks cdanteek, I've just done as instructed. Turned off firewall and disabled windows defender. Running the install from the CD automatically stops as it knows that what i have installed is a newer version. I chose to ignore this and rand the install to overwrite. Once complete it then wanted to update to the latest patch 2.1 I believe. I rebooted the PC as suggested and then plugged in the USB to the RGC. The problems are still present. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  5. I have a fresh PC Windows 10 n Home. A NVidia GTX 750 ti Its a brand new machine (Steam and Minecraft installed). All updates are installed for both OS and Graphics Card. I've installed the Roxio software(Went fine) If i click 'Capture' I get 'Roxio Media Capture has stopped working' I've attached a screen grab of the failure from Event Viewer. If I click 'Edit & Share' I get 'There are insufficient graphics capabilities for the application to run' - 'Your video card driver may not fully support Directx 9.0' My card GTX 750 TI supports DirectX12. Please help, I'm failing miserably here, shouldn't be this hard..