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  1. Is there a particular file extension that works better in VideoWave other than .MOV?
  2. Thank you for the suggestions, but unfortunately none of them worked. The audio in the final output is still out of sync on the shorter clips. If it helps to see it, I've uploaded it to YouTube: https://youtu.be/nd2A83jRQ3Y The first instance of noticeable delay is at 0:59. It's intermittent after that. Dominique.
  3. Hello! I've been using Roxio for many years, and just purchased NXT5 a few days ago. I created a Videowave project using .MOV files, and when I tried to export the project (in several different formats), they all had the same issue - the audio didn't sync with some of the shorter video clips in my project - it was delayed. The playback, however, on the preview screen in the Videowave project editor has perfect audio. Any ideas? Thank you, Dominique.