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  1. Guys, Guys my camcorder is not digital, it uses magnetic tape!
  2. Yes, the 2 older camcorders use magnetic tapes and are analog, not digital. Are you saying I only need firewire cable, and there is no need for the Roxio converter and software? Have you actually converted from an analog camcorder to digital/ dvd format? from what I have tried and read its not as easy as todays devices and you just plug it in and go!
  3. Thanks for you post, But from what I understand the Roxio device has a svideo, and the red, yellow, white RCA cables input into the Roxio device and plug into the computer thru USB. I need to know what cable I need for each of my 2 handycams into the Roxio device! (neither handycam has the some ports) That's what I need to know, unless I'm missing something!
  4. I'm lookin to transfer video from my two sony handycams to Roxio vhs to dvd 3. I have tried to do this thru sony transfer software with no success! I heard Roxio is easy and the answer! I would like to here from someone that has actually has the handy cams I have and has successfully done the transfer! Why you may ask, I don't have any output cables. there are 2-3 connections on each camera and don't want to buy the wrong cables. Sony Handycam DCR-HC26 Sony Handycam CCD-TRV67 Any and all information would be great! Thank You! Always Blessed!