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  1. cajuntexan00

    Mpeg 2 Activation

    Amen. It's time for a patch.
  2. cajuntexan00

    I SMELL IE7?!?

    I bet this software has a patch or two in its future!
  3. cajuntexan00

    I SMELL IE7?!?

    I've been using EMC9 for about 3-4 weeks now and it's been working flawlessly and I've been using IE7 beta. When IE7 became full version, I started getting this activation problem. It may be a coincidence but I've tired deleting cookies, re-installing, and disabling my firewall without success. Still getting the same activation problems. I just don't get it? Everything was already activated, why in the world would it suddenly as for me to activate again?
  4. cajuntexan00

    I SMELL IE7?!?

    After scanning these forums after getting an error about activation issues, I just have a strong suspicion IE7 is at the bottom of this somehow. Anyone agree or am I just a microsoft conspiracy theorist?
  5. cajuntexan00

    EMI Music CEO says the CD is 'dead'

    Accurate article. I buy CD's to rip them into MP3's. Still rather do that then but MP3's from itunes.
  6. cajuntexan00

    mpeg-2 activation problem - something diff. from others

    I get exactly the same message you do. Software was working perfectly before 2 days ago. I was wondering if it had something to do with the IE7 update that just happened. That's the only thing new that has happened with my computer.