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  1. I've created a Blu Ray disk image and have copied it to a disk. Everything works fine except that my film repeats when it's finished playing. I'm about to submit to a film festival and I'm anxious to fix this ASAP. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Gerret

    Bluray For Film Festivals

    A Thanks again. I've run into 3 other issues which are driving me crazy: 1. I created a menu with "auto-play" deselected, burned a disc image, and when I played back with Roxio Video Player my film started playing. Looking down at a drop-down menu, I found my film listed as Title 1 and my menu as Title 2. Is that an anomaly of the Player or what a disc would look like? How can I get the menu to function as it should, as the first thing an audience sees, with a player button to begin my film? 2. I can't see an option to replace "My Movie" in the menu. I guess Toast is aimed at home movie market, but it seems a silly default. 3. In poking around the interface I foolishly clicked on a submenu option for menus. Even though I deselected it, the only options now for menus is with multiple submenus. How can I get back to a single menu? Thanks in advance, Gerret
  3. Gerret

    How To Replace "my Movie" Text?

    I've seen answers to this question for earlier versions of Toast, but they don't work for Toast 14. There doesn't appear to be any way to replace the lower text in menus? What am I missing?
  4. Gerret

    Bluray For Film Festivals

    Many thanks. Very helpful. Another question: in seeking the best quality, what would you recommend for the custom settings for encoding? My feature documentary master is ProRes HQ and has professionally mixed audio peaking at -6db. Currently for video I've chosen MPEG-4 AVC, defaults of 8/16 for bit rate, "Best" for motion estimation, checked Half-PEL, "always" for reencoding, "Automatic for field dominance and aspect ratio. For audio: Dolby digital 448kbps. Thanks again for you help.
  5. Gerret

    Bluray For Film Festivals

    I have a documentary I want to send to film festivals on BluRay, and I'm wondering what's the best approach. I want the best quality and I want the projectionist to have control over the start and end of the film. I've tested several times, but am wary of using up my expensive disc. To date I've created a disc image, without menu, with both "Auto-play disc on insert" and "play all items continuously" selected. But I'm not sure auto-play is the best option. What happens if you don't select auto-play and you don't have a menu? Will the disc simply wait for the user to select play? If so, sounds like the right solution. If you have only 1 item (in my case a 68-minute movie) and you don't select "play all items continuously" what happens? When I test the BluRay discs I've burned they loop at the end of the film. Any way to keep that from happening? Thanks in advance.