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    Error Please Insert Recordable Dvd

    Hey thanks for responding. Windows 10 I tested burning a home movie trough cyberlink program to same disk that Roxio VHS to DVD plus program reject say put a writable disk in and the disk has nothing on it. I got the home movie to trasfered to computer. The disc I'm using is Memorex R+W I have had them for a while maybe 2 to 4 years but they been the case and not used it all. The link that the home movie is about 38 minutes. Which I know I'm going to have to get a bigger DVD to hold a two hour movie but just doing a test with a 38 minute movie. I have a bout 45 H-8 videoCassette tapes. To transfer to the computer then burn them to DVD. Tom
  2. When doing a burn it gets 97% completed then ejects DVD and says please insert recordable DVD. I know DVD works and disk is good. I have Windows 10 operating system. Help! Please