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    No Video Signal!

    I just changed out the S-Video adaptor and used the yellow video cable instead and it worked. Unfortunately the video was much worse than watching it on my TV. Any ideas why it's not working using the S-Video adaptor?
  2. BamaPU

    No Video Signal!

    I don't understand what you mean. I don't have a Camcorder.
  3. BamaPU

    No Video Signal!

    Yes the VCR has a good signal. I was able to watch/hear the VHS tape on my TV just fine. My TV doesn't have an S-Video connection, so I had to use the composite cables to the TV.
  4. BamaPU

    No Video Signal!

    I'm using Roxio's VHS to DVD 3 Plus. And I too am getting VCR Audio on my laptop but no Video. Please reference the attached pictures. My Roxio video capture device is connected to my laptop via a USB 2.0 port. Red & White Audio cables, and an S-Video adaptor connect the Roxio device to my VCR. I installed from the CD, hooked everything up, then ran the software. I've also reinstalled/repaired the software several times with no improvement. I've tried all the USB ports and that didn't help. I followed Jim's advice but that did not resolve the issue. Unplug the EVD capature device and place in another room. Turn off any Anti Virus and Firewall Insert the software disc and run Install. It will reach a point where Repair is offered. Choose that! At the end, reboot and go get the Capture Device. Can anyone help? DxDiag.txt