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    Am I wasting my time with Toast 19 Pro?

    Actually.... It looks like there's a simple piece of advice: Just use "Classic Mode".
  2. Running on a Mac OSX Catalina 10.15 and getting regular crashes/freezes. Is this normal?
  3. Alex Lake

    Chapters on media exported from FCPX

    Sorry, I forgot to say that I did use compressor. However, I didn't use Compressor to actually burn the disc. Can it do Blu-Ray? Beginning to wonder what value Toast adds in that scenario!
  4. Alex Lake

    Chapters on media exported from FCPX

    So just installed Toast 19 Pro as I'd like to make DVD and BluRay discs. I want chapters to work so that viewers can use next/previous track buttons to skip between scenes/chapters First problem is that Although Toast seems to know that the video has several chapters, it's not actually importing them. Or if it is, then it's not making them skppable. Must be something really simple! Any clues? ANSWER: Chapter Management in Toast is a bit rubbish, and you just have to enter them manually.
  5. Alex Lake

    Toast 10 Download?

    I had my Mac with Toast 10 installed stolen a while back. Thanks to the wonders of registration, this site knows my key etc, but I'm wondering how/where I can download the software to reinstall on the new Mac? Thanks!