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  1. It happened when playing the .ISO file in VideoLAN. I don't know how it happened but I have done a different slideshow since then without a problem. I think the problem might have arisen while adding a start menu in My DVD.
  2. Adamo3b

    How To Save A Project In Nxt5

    Got it! Unfortunately I'm not a "young player" but definitely a newbie! THanks
  3. Adamo3b

    Play .iso File

    Many thanks to all for helping a newbie!
  4. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I created a slideshow in MyDVD, selecting a theme and dragging across my content before saving as a .ISO file. When playing back however, the template remains on the screen and the slideshow only plays in the little frame on the template. Clicking on the frame doesn't start the slideshow. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in anticipation.............
  5. Adamo3b

    Play .iso File

    I would have thought that playing back a completed video before burning it to disc would have been possible in the software but it seems that you need an external media player to have a look at it first.
  6. Adamo3b

    Play .iso File

    Many thanks, can't understand why Roxio is so awkward!
  7. Adamo3b

    Play .iso File

    Is it possible to play a .iso file without burning it to dvd?
  8. Adamo3b

    How To Save A Project In Nxt5

    Thanks both, it was confusing when trying to open a saved project in NXT Creator 5, it simply said that there is no .rox file to open!
  9. Help, I can't see how to save a NXT5slideshow project in a format which will allow me to come back and edit it later. I can save as .dmss but can't see how to save as a .rox file.