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  1. I tried that, still no hope. I got a replacement too and still no hope. Put the disk in and tried installing it but it doesnt work. Can you tell me installing procedures and ill see if im doing anything wrong
  2. Im new to forums and this whole thing, im really sorry but i have no idea what is causing this problem, there are so many threads concerning this issue and i think there is something weird with the service pack. I dont know whats causing the rollback, if you want me to post a video of the whole installation process on youtube, if it helps then i will so
  3. Can anyone check whats wrong, my log files are there
  4. Ok you can download the log files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qukmeps3ercmi3p/AACTupqydJS2r4gxeRy6l82pa?dl=0 17-02-01 17-11.zip
  5. I will try disabling my antivirus as someone said in this thread and then trying again to install it
  6. But i do have the capture card itself but not the software so i cannot use it
  7. Ok so the situation is, i dont have roxio gamecapture software downloded at all not on my computer. I dont have a cd and the screenshots i provided were me downloading the service pack and it didnt work... You told me to disable antivirus software but that shouldnt be the case...
  8. I have mcafee antivirus software but ill try uninstalling then trying again to download
  9. When it gets to the point where the status is rolling back, the software just interrupts but when installing its perfectly fine idk what to do but i cant use my capture card
  10. Still doesnt work, i dragged it to my desktop then ran it, still doesnt work
  11. I have a product key registered on this site, but i lost my cd and i cant download the service pack 2.0, when i go to downloading it, it says the wizard was interrupted. PLEASE HELP (