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    Toast 14.2 Update Benefitting El Capitan?

    I don't recommend updating to 14.2 I was running El Capitan and after I updated to Sierra Roxio wanted to update me to 14.2 After I updated to 14.2 I had all kinds of problems with the discs and the computer in general. After uninstalling 14.2 and reinstalling 14.1 I am back to normal....
  2. dutchtreat

    How To Stop Continuous Play, This Feature Is Unchecked!

    Thanks Digital Master! Your response did the trick.
  3. Hello, my first post. Run MAC OS Sierra 10.12.1 Toast 14 Titanium. 14.1 Problem #1 I can for the life of me not make a DVD that does not auto repeat. Yes I know about the settings, play continuously is unchecked. Problem #2 after I updated the OS from Yosemite to Sierra, Toast suggested I update to 14.2 Big mistake caused all kinds of problems so back to 14.1 How in the world can I make a DVD that does not auto repeat...?? Thanks you smart people out there.