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  1. I was able to split the video file 3 times, but on the 4th try it took forever to split. When it finally split the ending clip had a huge red circle with a dash through it. I have updated to most recent version and am running on windows 10.
  2. Spyderweb15

    Splitting Mp4S Causes Red Circle With Line

    I tried a different video file and it worked, everything went smooth. I didn't move the first file or anythin so maybe just a glitch. I tried the first file again after a reboot, like suggested, and it worked as well. Not sure what was different but it's good to know that my computer isn't the issue.
  3. Spyderweb15

    Splitting Mp4S Causes Red Circle With Line

    Ah ok. This PC is 2 months old so hopefully it's not that, but I will definitely repair the software. I tried the exact same clip on my windows 7, same software except it was an old version and I was able to clip the whole video multiple times. Is there any known compatability issues with the updated software and windows 10 that I don't know about?