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    Where Are The Tutorials?

    Thank you for your help! I am new to all this video stuff. I want my young kids (10 and 13) to be able to make movies. They will need to be able to upload, edit and then put on a dvd. Do you have any suggestions besides Roxio products that would be a good decision. Something that a newbie like me and the kids could access video tutorials?
  2. mommyof5

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    I am thinking of sending back the 5 and getting the 4 instead. Is there much difference?
  3. mommyof5

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    You have got to be kidding? Might be sending it back. Geesh, stupid move for Roxio!
  4. mommyof5

    Where Are The Tutorials?

    Hello, I bought this program as a CD as it looked good and was advertised as having tutorials. However, I can not find any tutorials in the program. I know I can see some on youtube, but I want to know all this can do and want complete tutorials. Can anyone direct me to how to access? Thanks!!!!