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    Another No Signal Problem

    Ok thanks, I think I'll just return it as not fit for purpose? This reminds me of installing stuff 20 years ago.....
  2. Zeroseven

    Another No Signal Problem

    And yes, the software was installed WITHOUT the unit being connected. And uninstalled/ reinstalled. The version installed was via a link provided by Roxio via the chat facility as I no longer use a DVD drive.
  3. Zeroseven

    Another No Signal Problem

    Yes obviously. I'm merely trying to explain what happens when, as I was asked to do, I plug the unit into a usb slot. The Roxio unit causes the crash, and so I included the information in case it was relevant.
  4. Zeroseven

    Another No Signal Problem

    Nothing, doesn't show. If I plug in when PC is on it immediately crashes with 'Bad Pool Header' Message
  5. Windows 10 on Chillblast OC used for video editing and photoshop cc / lightroom cc. Approx 7TB space available Software installed. Opens ok VHS player and cables checked via separate monitor Cables switched to Video Capture USB box, plugged into USB 2 (USB 3 also tried) No signal Ran win 10 update patch just in case, error message Roxio software not found Unplug USB and get BSOD with error message Bad Pool Header Stumped, help appreciated