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  1. Hi Jim, I had already read those steps posted by you to help someone else and carried them out before posting my SoS!! :-) I followed those step by step, but the error still occurred. Like I said in my last post, I can work around the issue by setting the Audio (i.e. Microphone) to Off, but I feel there may be a proper fix for this. I hope someone has come across this exact problem and offer me a long-term fix. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Jim, I tried your suggestion about registering the DLL, but I get the following error instead now in Screen Capture: - Prepare Record Failed!!! #48 Any suggestions please? Please note:- I can get the Screen Capture to work if I switch off the Audio Setting in Screen Capture (i.e. no Microphone sound), but it would be good to have it all working rather than having to do this.
  3. Thanks @cdanteek, but this wasn't the soultion to my problem! Thank you @sknis, your suggestion was bang on right! I followed your second link, went into the Audio Settings within the Screen Capture and switched off the Voice setting (and not as it was suggested to switch off the System audio setting) and it worked! I don't need this to be On anyway as I don't need to capture microphone sounds! Screen Capture is working again....... Thanks again to everyone who helped me here.......cheers. :-)
  4. Thanks for the update @Jim_Hardin. Can anyone else shed some light on any solutions I can safely try?
  5. Can anyone please help? I have a HP ProBook laptop running Win 10 Pro 64bits (Build 14393) and having problems when try to use Roxio Creator NXT3's Capture My Screen. I get the error code in the title of my post (i.e. 'Prepare Record Failed #0). This program has worked successfully in the past but to be honest, I haven't used it for well over a year and there has been many Windows updates applied to my PC since then. I tried looking for the updates KB3126587, KB3134814, and KB3126593 in order to remove them from my PC, but they are not installed on my PC anyway. My PC is up to date with all Windows updates. Can you help please?