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  1. Jim, If this is the "span" thing you are talking about in the picture where I have circled. I have put that slider all the way to the left on longer video and checked the duration box and set it to 4 hours and 0 minutes. That is what the program allowed me to do. The program recorded all the way to 4 hours and but I got left with 2 hours of content on the DVD. Eric
  2. What does it mean to "Span the Project" Where is this located. I don't remember seeing anything like that? Eric
  3. Hi all, If you remember me from back in March, I was having problems installing this program when I first got it on my Windows 10 desktop. Well now as of yesterday, I completely uninstalled the program and re installed it and it started working fine no problems even with DEP on so and it was streaming beautifully from my VCR to the computer. I have about 20-30 NASCAR races that I want to convert from VHS to DVD and I was doing one as a trial run last night and it seemed to be working just fine. I know if the video cuts out for more than 10-15 seconds it will stop the program automatically and that deal is pretty much done. Well the tape I was converting had just brief 1 second or so blips occasionally but it never cut completely out and there were tracking issues but it still recorded the whole 4 hours that I set it for. I was using Verbatim 8x DVD+RL DL 8.5gb disk so it should have recorded the whole thing. When it was done processing and I put the DVD in the DVD player, it only showed from start to finish 2 hours and 5 minutes and it was done. What happened to the other 2 hours and 55 minutes that it already recorded? I'm puzzled to how that happened because I was checking on it the whole process and it recorded all the way to the 4 hour mark. Please explain or help me here? Eric
  4. WFox

    No Video Signal

    Jim, Yeah there are no exclamation marks, the DEP setting is still opted out for this program and yes the preview screen shows no signal.... Kinda frustrating.... Eric
  5. Hi all its me again. Several weeks ago I was having a problem getting the program to open up on my desktop PC. I finally got it to work but I'm still having a problem after I hook the VCR to the Roxio device on the desktop. I have the latest updates to WIndows 10 and all the drivers etc are all up to date. I've searched throughout all the forum for a similar post but none of them have led me to a solution yet. I checked device manager and I see the 2 Roxio usb entries so we are good there and the program runs fine just when I hook the Roxio capture to the VCR OUT and I'm getting nothing. Meanwhile on my laptop I hook it up the same exact way I did to the desktop and it works perfectly. I was able to convert a vhs to the program with video/sound feed no problem. I just want to get it to work on the desktop becasue it is much faster, stores more memory etc... Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks all. Eric
  6. I figured it out guys I'm all done here... I typed bcdedit.exe /set nx OptIn and it finally gave me the ability to click the radio buttons in Windows to where I have DEP enabled but told it to disable it only when I run Easy VHS to DVD3 Plus and I finally got the program to work without turning DEP off alltogether.. Took me a while but thanks all for the help!! Eric
  7. Digital Guru, Well I don't understand 100% what that means. I know how to turn that off to always on or always off in the cmd line but I don't know how to access that exe file of the bcdedit Eric
  8. I guess the point I'm trying to make is how to I ungrey out that box.... I've tried the admin account that you told me to use before and that box is still greyed out.... Eric
  9. This is weird because I just checked this on the laptop and I CAN click the radio boxes on the Windows DEP execution. The problem is that even in administrator mode, I can't enable the radio boxes in Administrator or in command prompt to turn DEP on and off. I know how to turn it always on or always off and it makes the program work that way but I don't know how to un grey out that radio buttons on the Windows page... I almost wonder if there is a bios setting that causing me to not enable that DEP 2 radio box option in Windows. And I may point out that on the laptop DEP is enabled and the program works fine anyway with it on... So why can't I get it to work with it on on the desktop... I might have to always turn DEP off in command in order to get it to work on the desktop and then turn it back on when I finish the program but I want to be able to disable it for that program only but I can't do that with that box greyed out... Eric
  10. I think DEP is the problem to why this program isn't working. When I type in the command prompt as adminsitrator; bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff Easy VHS TO DVD3 plus all of a sudden works fine with no problem. But I don't want to keep that off. So when I turn DEP back on in command prompt the program fails to run again. SO I found the option in Windows to turn DEP off for a particular program but I can't figure out how to click the radio button because that box is disabled. How do I enable this box that I have circled red and select the radio button to disable DEP on the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD3 program?
  11. Here is the updated picture with admin settings Eric
  12. Jim, I just tried this and it didn't work... It just went to the same orginal message as in the very first post where it says it has stopped working. i have attached the picture and the folder I created under the Admin user is on the left of the screen. Do i need to put this in safe mode or make a registry change or what. I know we can get this to work. Like I said on my laptop its Windows 10 with all the latest updates and works like a charm and but can't get it to work yet on this Gateway with Windows 10 all up to date? I'm puzzled....
  13. Ogdens, Yes I did I see two of them there after I reinstalled Eric