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    Will Not Switch To Component Capture!

    Unit and computer are new, not owned one of these before, purchased for son to do YouTube Videos, the LED's do seem to light up, I took the unit round to a friends and he plugged it into his computer and connected the sky box to it via HDMI, leds changed depending on what leads are plugged in, but not getting any signal into the capture window, the best we did get was when connecting the sky box we got a blue screen but no picture, when this happened we did get a ready signal in green, but no video, just a blue screen. but again when you select 'component' the software hangs and you have to shut it down via Task Manager.
  2. Axnfell

    Will Not Switch To Component Capture!

    I have tried both a Video Camera which is set to 1080p via component and also a XBOX 360 which I have tried at both 720p and 1080p, all three devices are showing on the TV which is running through the Game Capture HD Pro so I know the cables in and out are working, Using Component in and out of the device, do not have any HDMI cables or source. James
  3. Axnfell

    Will Not Switch To Component Capture!

    I have just setup a new Windows 10 PC with nothing else on it except a new Operating system, I have done all the updates and it is running fine NO OTHER SOFTWARE installed AT ALL! I have downloaded the latest Roxio Game Capture HD Pro software (2.0) and installed, I have then run the software and it has updated to 2.1. When ever I connect the Game Capture HD Pro to the unit it seems to be OK, the light appears on the device, I then tell it I want to capture, then once the screen loads I try to select 'Component' from the Input settings and EVERY time I do this the software just hangs, even the selection box is stuck in the selection of Component/HDMI. I would try an HDMI source but I do not have any available so I don't even know if this device works, brand new straight out of the box! Any help would be much appreciated... James