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  1. I won't let me send a PM to and admin, i don;t have my installation disc anymore, and I need to record some games. It's been at least 3 or so years since I've used it even know i always keep it plugged into my 360 I also have my registered code still. thanks.
  2. It's for the roxio game cap, the regular version. Non-hd, and "grandpabruce" I have a big house and CDs everywhere, Its been years since Ive seen the CD and I've bought tons of different games, consoles, computers etc. I've redone my entire room at least 3 or four times and also changed rooms to a different side of my house It's not something I really thought I was going to end up using years later, but here I am. HU348-E Roxio gamecap it says on bottom of it also with an S/N number.
  3. Yes, his inbox must be full and would the CD key also be the registered code that I have with my account? If so then I do. But if there is also a seperate key then I do not. Like I said though I still have it plugged into my 360, and about a year ago my hard drive got completely wiped so I lost it.