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  1. 1st off I have my Dell Inspiron 15-3541 laptop OS Win7 Home 32bit back. It is a much better laptop then the old Toshiba Satellite M60 laptop. I use the Toshiba Satellite M60 laptop to play the DVD movies at our display table. It is still good for that. Yes I have Easy Media Creator 10 with Videowave. It has served me well for a long time. I am one of those that believes in "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" and I don't prescribe to keeping up with the Jones ether. Jim I was just curious about the "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE" I have no plains of using it. I plain to keep on using Easy Media Creator 10 as long as it does the job that I need it to do. And the cd doesn't go bad. That whole stack of cd's that PJ found on the street is for a Dell Inspiron laptop that is about 3 years older then the Dell laptop that I am typing on now.
  2. In my 12 year old nephew's wanderings around the neighborhood with his friends. From time to time he finds things and brings them home. This time he found a CD marked "Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE". This is a factory made cd with all the proper stuff on the label from Roxio. Is this a newer or older prog then the "Easy Creator 10" that I have? I am just trying to figure out what to do with it. Steve
  3. The 1st viewing area at Radcon (a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention) I will be using a Toshiba Satellite M60 laptop OS XP Pro. Connected to a P15PX model L5EX-TA , a 15" VGA monitor with sound, I don't know who makes the monitor. The Toshiba laptop I can play the source file directly off a USB thumb drive. The 2nd place is in the kids tv room, were the kids can be watched while the parents can roam around the convention freely knowing that the kids are safe. That setup is a portable DVD player connected to a 19" high def flat screen tv. This 1 movie is the one that I had to split in half to play in the DVD player. The rest of the stack of movies that I burned plays just fine in the DVD player. And also you don't worry about getting in trouble for helping me. There is no charge to watch any of this movies. The movie in question is a fan made Star Trek movie, the name is "Star Trek II Retibution". I also sit on the Radcon board of directors. And I am the audio/video tech for the kids tv room.
  4. The 2nd screen capture is from the original source file. I had to split the source file in half to fit on two 4.7gb DVD's. The source file is a MP4 file and is 3 hours, 17 minutes play time. The size of the source file is 943mb. It took a bit of work and time to figure out how to split in half the video using Videowave. Somewhere in the process of splitting and burning the vertical got squashed . Steve
  5. I just burned a video that I got off Youtube. I attached a screen capture of the video. The horizontal is fine but the vertical is squashed down. The aspect ratio doesn't help the vertical when the video is played on laptop with VLC media player. The video also plays this way on the DVD player attached to the tv. The sound is fine and in sync with the video. How do I stretch out the vertical on the video? Steve
  6. I need some help in compressing this movie down a bit. it is 00:05:15 to big to fit on a regular 4.7GB DVD + R. Normally I go to MYDVD in Easy Creator. In MYDVD I select "new project" > "DVD, no menu". I go through all the steps of loading the movie and burning the DVD + R blank with no problem. I never ran across a single file that was to big for a single 4.7GB DVD. As I see it. For the Radcon display I have 2 options. 1. I can copy this movie to a large enough USB thumb drive and play it that way. Or 2. Leave the movie on the laptop hard drive. But the operator that operates the equipment will have to take time to search the hard drive for it.. Also I am making a copy of all the Star Trek movies that I have for a friend, a Christmas present. She doesn't allow him to run the computer by him self yet. But he can pick and play DVD's on his own that are pre-scaned by his mother. All I need to do is compress this movie by a small amount to fit on a single 4.7gb DVD. 1 thing I just though of is to split the movie so it will fit on two 4.7GB DVD's. Question can a 8.5GB DVD be formated to play on and stand alone DVD player? I have a few 8.5GB + R blank DVDs.
  7. I finely figured out 90% of the problem of separating the promo from the movie it self and make the promo it's own separate video using VideoWave, Then I used MyDVD Express to make the menu. (I can't fig the menu setup, as in building the menu, in "regular MYDVD") I got the menu built with 2 sub menu box's for the promo and the movie it self and burned it successfully to a DVD. And it plays fine in a stand alone DVD player. There is just 1 problem. See the red empty box's bellow the sub video links in the attached picture. How do I add a text name under each box as to what the link is for? Also how do I move the links to the videos around on the menu? Steve
  8. I figured a way out to get a separate copy of the video promo by using a prog that I have "Replay Video Capture". RVC can capture video and sound from any source. A video on the HD, internet, cd/dvd. The only problem with RVC when it is 1st installed is getting it to see the sound sources. Once I record the video promo with RVC I will trim the video promo off the movie with mydvd. Trimming off the video promo I can do. I made an extra copy of the original file. So If I mess up the copy. I have the original to fall back to and make an other copy.. Steve
  9. I have this movie that has a video promo of how the movie was made and so on. I want to split away the video promo from the start of the movie it self. But I want to save the video promo as a 2nd block on the dvd along with the movie. So I can go direct to the movie without watching the promo 1st. I know how to trim the start and end of the movie and place the clipped parts in the trash can. But I don't know how to save the clips that was removed from the movie. I can't find any clear cut instructions. Steve
  10. reble11

    A Problem With Videowave

    I tried reinstalling EMC 10. No change. I tried the upgrade on Net Framework. I still get the same error messages.
  11. reble11

    A Problem With Videowave

    The link above is for Win7. I am running XP Pro on the Toshiba laptop. Steve
  12. reble11

    A Problem With Videowave

    I am on my backup laptop right now, a Toshiba Satellite M60, OS XP Pro 32bit laptop until my Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop back from been cleaned and disinfected. One of my cat decided to *^$$ on the keyboard. The laptop was shut down at the time and still works. When I installed Easy Creator 10 on the Toshiba laptop. I had just got done installing XP Pro, clean. Creator 10 was squawking about graphics driver. I updated the graphics driver. Now Videowave is squawking. See the attached files. When Videowave opens with the box pop's saying "Welcome to Videowave". I press ok and the 1st error screen pop's up I click ok again and a 2nd error box opens. I click ok again and Videowave shuts down. I don't know why. And I also don't know why XP is over all running a bit slow after a clean install. Prog's take longer to open. Firefox is taking longer to exxcute cmds's. The slownest is liveable. Steve
  13. reble11

    I Need Some Help With My Dvd Prog

    Update. Now NOTHING works on "Autoplay" start. Not the ones that I just burned, The ones that I burned in the past and no commercially made DVD's will autostart in ether the internal optical disc drive or the optical disk drive in the USB case. I can manually start all of DVD's and they still play just fine in both optical drives. By the way if I stick a game disk or a disk to install a prog in ether optical drive. The game and prog install disks autostart just fine. I think it maybe time for a wipe of the C: drive partition and reinstall everything new from the backup's
  14. reble11

    I Need Some Help With My Dvd Prog

    This is for a single movie with no menu burn on a blank 4.7gb DVD. I go to "MYDVD" > file > new project > DVD (no menu). Wait for MYDVD to to it's thing > Select Media File window opens > I select the movie > tap the open button > movie starts playing in preview area > I tap the burn button >the burn windows opens > I type in the Disk Label then hit burn button at the bottom of the window and the DVD start's burning. The "autoplay" start problem is only confined to this Dell Inspiron 3541 laptop. I have an old Toshiba Satellite m60 laptop (OS XP Pro 32bit) that I take to the Star Trek Convention instead of my Dell laptop. If something happens to the Toshiba laptop, no big lose. Also the autoplay works on the Toshiba laptop and the Toshiba connects to the projector with no prooblem. That's why I keep that old laptop. It serves a useful purpose. The new DVD's that I have just burned play in the DVD/BD player just fine. commercially made DVD's AutoStart and play fine in the Dell laptop. Also DVD's that I burned in the past autostart and play just fine in the Dell laptop. Outside of the step by step directions that I use in the "MYDVD" prog. The rest of your questions bellow I remember typing in already. Did that part get lost in cyber space?
  15. reble11

    I Need Some Help With My Dvd Prog

    Here is a Dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/s/kk4gczwpwxjluor/autoplay.jpg?dl=0 of my "Autoplay" file, every setting. Videolan, Vlc media player is what I ust the most.