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    Avchd Export Render Options No Longer Present

    Thanks for the suggestions so far. I don't know if these production options are from Service Pack 1 or what, but for me 16:9 is the only new project option in the first place and the only other difference is imported file type. The example above is an MTS, mine have always been M2TS when capturing footage with the HDMI input of the GameCap Pro HD (MP4s have serious bitrate corruptions and syncing issues) and on my old PC had AVCHD and it worked with those. I realize the list is conditional only because the option wasn't there at all until a certain point later.
  2. After installing the software onto my new PC the option to render my exporting files in AVCHD 1920x1080/60p option is missing and the list of codecs overall is much smaller. I downloaded SP2 and tried several things but the list is the same. What do I need to get this option back?