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    Burning Dvd: Include .srt File?

    I suspect that Toast doesn't have the capability to include an .srt file, but I can't imagine why not I can watch on my computer with VLC player, but I'd much rather burn to dvd and watch on my TV). I hope I'm wrong: If so, how do I include the subtitles? If not, please add this capability in a future update. Jim
  2. zooey91

    Burn High Def Audio Dvd From Flac?

    I just downloaded an album in FLAC format. It's high def audio (24bit/96khz), and the file size total is 1.2gb. Is there a way to burn this onto DVD so that it'll play at higher definition in my blu-ray player? If I burn an audio disc with Toast, it reduces the file size total to 301 mb, presumably reducing the audio resolution. And if I choose Video, it reduces it to 96 mb and puts pauses between tracks. Any suggestions? Thanks. Jim