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    Capture Quality

    Thanks, Jim_Hardin, this is very helpful! Will I get the same results for 8mm (analog) and miniDV (digital) tapes?
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    Capture Quality

    I am considering buying Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus simply to digitize/capture 8mm and miniDV tapes onto my Windows 10 laptop for preservation and storage. Burning them to DVD is a secondary concern, though I'm sure I'll do it down the road. I would have done this with Firewire, but my new-ish laptop does not have a Firewire port. When I capture the video with this product, will it be lossless (i.e., no degradation of video quality)? Or will there be some compression? Since these will be my "master" storage copies, I want the captures to be as high-quality as possible (given that the original is far from HD) and also in a format that will be easily editable down the road. Also, will this only work for analog video, or can I digitize DV as well? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!